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Air Dryer

During my third year in college, we were asked to design a clothes drying system. The design brief required the dryer to be wall-mounted 

and unobtrusive in a small home, and to be capable of hanging three meters of clothing. Cloud was designed to blend inconspicuously into a small living area. This discreet overhead drying system has all its components hidden from view and it incorporates soft downlighting to hide its primary use.



One of the main design challenges we had making this air dryer was the ability to hang a minimum of six items of clothing at a time.


A number of options were considered such as a retractable rail which meant a bigger shell which in turn meant less living space.


The design solution was a threaded hanging rail which allows the clothes to rest evenly spaced out from each other.

The spiral design of the grooved rail causes the clothes to hang at an angle to minimize the consumption of living space. The grooves also keep the clothes evenly spaced out for the efficient distribution of airflow from the fans, speeding up the drying process and saving energy.











Hanging Rail

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