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The brief for this four-day breakout project was to design a system which would encourage patients to take their medication regularly at home.

Amber is a connected pill box with an LED strip that runs around the outside of the box and flashes gently to remind the user that it is time to take their medication.


Amber entices the user to want to open the pill box when medication is due, by allowing users, carers or family members to add photos for display on the pill box screen.

Medical Pill Box





We began our primary research by interviewing anyone we knew who takes medication for a condition or illness. We purposely interviewed a wide range of users, from acute to chronic patients, to understand the challenges of medication adherence and keeping a routine. We also interviewed carers and physicians as they play a part in administering the medication.

Research | Human Factors

Box Design Process

A glowing light under the pill pod indicates which pill pod to take at various times of the day programmed through the app. Once the box is opened the light turns off. If the box is not opened after one hour the light turns off to preserve power.

If the box is disconnected by accident, a message will be sent to a predetermined person to alert them when

the power is low.



The user, carer or family member can add images for display on the pill box screen.


The app allows the user and/or carer to program the prescribed times for medication intake. It also acts as a record of the patient’s pill consumption.

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