Laparoscopic Training Simulator

TekLapp app and dedicated joysticks offer busy surgeons an intuitive and user-friendly means to train at their convenience and experience

the cognition, perception and

action of a surgeon during laparoscopic procedures.



Laparoscopic surgery is a technically challenging and relatively common surgical procedure that has a steep learning curve and requires continued skill acquisition, maintenance and/or perfection. App based surgical simulation gives both the novice and the expert laparoscopist the possibility to master the procedure, in a risk-free setting.


TekLapp promotes correct hand positions and offers full tool control. TekLapp joysticks for tablets give users tactile feedback for an immersive experience.


A joystick-tool in the shape of a laparoscopic instrument allows for a more realistic interaction with the app, and simulates the handling of real laparoscopic instruments, as well as the gestures made in surgery by a laparoscopic surgeon.




TekLapp interactive app allows users to practice in a risk free setting. Each featured game in this app is a reflection of a need from the surgeon’s point of view.


Input Device

The input device could be developed for training across multiple disciplines such as lab-work and dentistry which require steady hands.


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